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Final Fantasy 14 Servers

Final Fantasy 14 Server List of Names

There are at present 17 FFXIV servers available to select from during Open Beta. The FF14 server list of available FFXIV server names are listed below. These FF14 servers will be included in the official launch at end September, 2010. Square Enix has indicated that more FFXIV servers will be added at launch as the need arises.

  • Besaid (unofficial roleplaying server)
  • Bodhum
  • Cornelia (unofficial EU server)
  • Fabul
  • Figaro
  • Gysahl
  • Istory
  • Kashuan
  • Lindblum
  • Melmond
  • Mysidia
  • Palamecia
  • Rabanastre
  • Saronia
  • Selbina
  • Trabia
  • Wutai

Additional Final Fantasy 14 server names are:

  • Karnak World
  • Narshe World
  • SE TESTSERVER (Square Enix Test Server)

Final Fantasy 14 Server Status

You can find out the FFXIV server status here. It shows a view of updates on the FFXIV server names at regular intervals.

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