Final Fantasy 14 Version Updates

Final Fantasy 14 online game developer and publisher Square Enix has planned two major version updates of Final Fantasy XIV online for release in late November and mid-December.

However, exact dates have yet to be announced.

Some of the expected or planned changes include the following:

Final Fantasy 14 Online Late November Update

  • Adjustments and additions to the user interface
  • Adjustments to the Markets and retainers
  • Lowering of Teleport and Return costs
  • Adjustments to overall battle balance
  • Adjustments to class balance
  • Adjustments to party battle balance
  • Adjustments to monster placement
  • Adjustments to leve quests
  • Adjustments to synthesis
  • Addition of new synthesis recipes
  • Alleviation of lag issues

Final Fantasy 14 Online Mid-December Update

  • Addition of notorious monsters
  • Addition of new guild leves
  • Addition of new synthesis recipes
  • Addition of new items

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